Conveyor Belt Scale Weighing Indicator
Data words to PLC / host system
  • Feed rate
  • Counter for batch total and total quantity
  • Belt load and speed
  • I/O status
  • Process status
Data words from PLC / host system
  • Start, stop, release
  • Set zero, reset counters
  • Batch target weight and preact

SysTec IT3, Weighing Indicator for Conveyor Belt Scale

The Industrial Weighing Terminal

  • IT3 BELT connects to a beltweigher structure with one load receptor with one or several analog load cells. The weighing terminal is suitable for harsh environment weighing locations. The A/D converter provides fast update rates together with excellent weighing performance and high immunity against electromagnetic interference.
  • IT3 BELT operates as stand-alone unit or in combination with a PLC or SCADA system. It can be configured for the simple capturing of quantities, but also for complex batching applications with preset target and adjustable preact correction.
  • IT3 BELT provides a configurable interface for a pulse wheel to capture the belt speed. It can use incremental encoders with pushpull or open collector output. Inductive sensors may be used in applications that are not subject to verification requirements. As an alternative, operation without sensors is also possible for installations that are not subject to verification.
  • As an option, IT3 BELT can be used for installations that are subject to legal control in accordance with OIML R50. In approved mode, up to 1,000,000 counter values are saved in the internal storage.
  • IT3 BELT has three counters, e.g. for captured quantity, shift total and total quantity. Two counters can be reset by the operator, the total quantity only by service.
  • IT3 BELT can be connected to a PLC via the optional analog output, quantity pulse output, digital I/Os or fieldbus (Ethernet/IP, Profibus DP, Profinet or Modbus TCP over Ethernet).
  • Configurable data output for simple interfacing, transmission in continuous mode or on request.
  • Up to 3 freely configurable inputs and up to 4 freely configurable outputs.
  • Available for the connection of external counters.
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