Rubber & Plastic

Weighing systems play a crucial role in the plastic and rubber industries, ensuring accurate measurements of raw materials, additives, blends, and finished products. These industries have diverse needs, ranging from precision measurements for quality control to bulk material handling for efficient production.

Here are some common types of weighing systems used in the plastic and rubber industries:

Weighing Feeder

In plastic and rubber manufacturing processes like extrusion and injection molding, precise material dosing is essential. Weighing systems can be integrated into the material feed systems of extruders and injection molding machines to ensure accurate input of raw materials. This helps maintain product consistency and reduces defects.

Batching System

In processes involving batch mixing and dispensing, such as compounding rubber or mixing plastic formulations, weighing systems ensure that the correct quantities of raw materials are used. These systems enable accurate measurement and dispensing of various components, leading to consistent product quality.

Hopper & Silo Weighing

Hopper and silo weighing systems are used to measure the weight of bulk materials in storage containers. Plastic and rubber manufacturers often store materials such as pellets, powders, and granules in hoppers and silos. Weighing these containers provides valuable information for inventory management and helps ensure proper material availability for production.

Loss-in-Weight Feeder

Gravimetric blending systems are extensively used in plastic and rubber industries to create consistent blends of various materials. These systems weigh and mix different components, such as resins, additives, colorants, and fillers, in precise proportions. Gravimetric blenders offer accurate control over material ratios, resulting in improved product quality and reduced material waste.

Belt Scale

Conveyor belt scales are used to measure the weight of materials as they move along a conveyor belt. They are useful for monitoring the flow of materials in various stages of production, such as material transportation, drying, and packaging.

Big Bag Discharge

For handling larger quantities of plastic pellets, rubber compounds, or other bulk materials, bulk bag weighing systems are employed. These systems accurately measure the weight of materials contained in flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs or bulk bags), which are often used for storing and transporting bulk materials.

Our weighing systems come with data logging and reporting capabilities. This feature allows manufacturers to track production data, analyze trends, and generate reports for quality assurance and process improvement.

When selecting a weighing system for the plastic and rubber industries, factors such as the required accuracy, material characteristics, production volume, and integration with existing processes should be considered. Consulting with Panatronik can help tailor the solution to the specific needs of the industry.