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PT. Panatron Mekatronik Pastima (Panatronik) is a designer and manufacturer of weighing equipment and weighing systems, manually as well as automatically suitable to the adaptive needs towards the changes and the growth of technology. We help businesses integrate scales and measuring devices into their business operations, ensuring high levels of reliability and improved productivity. Our mission is simple — to provide businesses with extremely accurate scales at an affordable price!

Located in Bekasi, West Java, our company works with businesses both within Indonesia and as an authorized dealer of Laumas Elettronica, and SysTec GmbH. We produce scales for a variety of applications and industries including agriculture, food production, transportation, healthcare, petrochemicals, and pharmaceuticals. Our company also provides a scale installation service for larger projects, such as Weigh-in-motion Systems.

We provide the right scales to customers at the best prices. We make sure you get the right product. Panatronik is dedicated to offering our customers the highest quality scales, loadcells, indicators and accessories.

We provide scales equipment for many different industries

Our range includes:

  • Industrial Scales
    Floor Scales, Bench Scales, Postal and Shipping Scales, Hand Pallet Scales and Drum Scales
  • Vehicle Scales
    Pitless Truck Scales, Pit Assembly Truck Scales,  Portable Axle Weighing, and Weighing Pads
  • Integrated Scales
    Belt Scale Systems and Batching Systems
  • Table top scales
    Analytical Balances, Precision Balances and Counting Scales
  • Agricultural Scales
    Livestocks Scales
  • Accessories
    We sell a wide range of accessories including cables, printers, pit frames, bumper guards, junction boxes, ramps and system control for truck scales

We provide incredible levels of customer service

We have a strong focus on customer service and always strives to exceed the expectations of our clients. We understand the busy operational environments of businesses and carry out all transactions in an efficient, professional, and reliable manner.

Our team is very responsive to any questions or requests from clients.

We make purchasing scales simple!
Our company employs a team of experienced sales consultants to make the purchasing process simple. They have a strong understanding of the requirements of clients in different industries and can suggest the appropriate products. Once you have decided on a product, we will quickly ship it out to you or make arrangements to install your purchase for you.

If you have any questions about our products, please contact us at (021) 2947-7414 or via email at info@panatronik.com.

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