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New Line of LAUMAS Hygienic Products

THE NEW PRODUCTS LAUMAS has created a brand new range of hygienic products, certified 3-A, perfectly sanitizable. FLC 3A load cell for foot CDG 3A junction box CASTLM8I 3A stainless steel weight transmitter WINOX 3A weight indicator – hygienic version Coming soon: LCB 3A universal digitizer – hygienic version The line was created with the aim of providing weighing systems for all those sectors where hygiene is a necessary or important requirement, such as food and dairy products or the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. THE MAIN FEATURES The most important feature of hygienic products is the possibility

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Recent ARTICLES of Weighing Systems

Provide wide variety of applications
as the best solution for your business

Batching System

Drum Filler Weighing System

Jumbo Bag Scale

Multi Material Batching System

Multi Component Batching System for Concrete/Asphalt Mix Plant

Belt Scale System

Loss in Weight Feeder

Belt Scale System for Quarries

SYSTEC - IT2000M Belt

Freely Programmable SYSTEC IT8000E

Agricultural, Truck Scales & Pallet Weighing

Premium Scales for Agricultural & Livestocks

Pitless Truck Scale

Shallow Pit Truck Scale

Easy to transport Hand Pallet Scales

Load Cells & Mounting Kits

Tension Load Cell

Anchor Load Cell for Industrial Press Machine

Stainless Steel Weighing Module for Tank, Hopper, Silo Weighing System

Mounting Kit for Rigid Attachment, designed for Tank, Hopper and Silos

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