Weight monitoring on the BCW cocktail machine

Cocktail Weighing Machine

Bayerische Cocktail Werke is a company based in Dorfen, Bavaria, that has been making BCW cocktail machines for festivals, clubs, bars, amusement parks and stadiums for over 15 years.

By combining a cloud-based digital system and a “bag-in-box” ingredient storage system, the machine can store over 50 ingredients to produce an unlimited number of cocktails and deliver up to 20 per minute.


Allowing the Bayer cocktail machine to monitor the weight of the individual bags of ingredients contained in the drawers so that the bags can be replaced before the machine is left without any.

Thanks to precise weight monitoring, the operator is in fact alerted in advance of the lack of an ingredient, so cocktails are always perfectly dosed to the milliliter.

The position of the drawers, inserted in a frame, also requires compact weighing instruments, while the machine’s production margin requires them to be high performing but cost-effective, in order to contain costs for the installing customer.


To meet the customer’s needs, we have used:

Single-point load cells and intelligent junction boxes: an advantageous, space-saving solution.

How does it work?

The operator selects the required type of cocktail with the touchpad and, depending on the recipe, the machine takes the liquids from the containers and dispenses them into the cup.

The AF load cells are placed inside the frame under each drawer. Eight load cells are then connected to each CLM8.

On CLM8, a weight threshold is set below which the machine alerts the operator that a particular ingredient is about to end. In this way, the operator can quickly replace the bag inside the drawer, avoiding the risk of the machine being left without any and dispensing a cocktail with missing ingredients.

Added Value

  • The AF load cells are small and thin, so they fit inside the structure perfectly without creating any thickness.
  • The “board-only” version of CLM8 is our smallest and most cost-effective multichannel solution, while maintaining all the functions of the box version. The board is very small (151 x 72 x 30 mm) and permits saving space and money.
  • The small size of the instruments permits saving space for more drawers and therefore being able to use more ingredients.
  • CLM8 transforms the analog signal of the load cell into a digital signal and transmits it to the PLC, simplifying the communication of the weighing data.
Weighing Applications
Batching System

Program: Base, Load, Unload, 3/6/14 Material, Multiprogram

Belt Scale

Single Idler, Multi Idler, Dual Idler

Weighing Feeder

Conveyor Belt Weigh Feeder, Screw Feeder

Loss-in-Weight Feeder

Continuously precise and consistent material dispensing

Big Bag Filling

Accurately fill large bags with bulk materials

Liquid / Barrel Filling

Precise, consistent filling, minimize wastage, maintain product quality

Tank/Hopper - Silo Scale

Accurately measuring the weight of liquids, solids or bulk materials


Verify that individual products or packages meet a specified weight range

Truck Scale

Measure the weight of bulk-material inside trucks and determine the transaction value