Laumas WRMDB

The WRMDB system has been designed to solve weighing problems linked to the preparation of the concrete and to control batching (max 50 FORMULAS) of aggregate materials, cement, additives by weight/pulses and water by weight/ pulses (max 20 Hz). It is possible to measure the humidity of two aggregates with the automatic correction of water and aggregate quantities depending on the humidity acquired. An important characteristic is that aggregates batching can be started even if the other scales (cement, aggreg., water) have not finished the batching cycle.

The system allows the connection to PC by Supervisory Software PROG-WRMDB (optional) or printer to print formulas, stocks, and batching data.


Operation: The operator (or external logic) starts batching and the WR verifies that the approval contact is closed and the weight is below the minimum weight on each weighing scale, then checks the stocks. It then executes the autotare and closes the contact of the fi rst aggregate, cement, additive, water set in the formula. When the programmed value minus the slow and fall values is reached the product contact can be opened and closed according to the programmed work and pause times (“tapping” phase). Once the programmed product value minus the Fall value is reached, the microprocessor opens the product contact and when the waiting time has elapsed, memorises consumption and stocks, then closes the contact of the next product, and so on through to the last product. If at the end of baching the dosed quantity is higher that the quantity set as Tolerance, WR shows the out of tolerance alarm. Following WR closes the cycle end contact for that scale, which remains closed until the minimum weight is reached and after the safe emptying time has elapsed. The mixing time contact will remain closed for the time set until the unloading phase is finished for all the scales.
In case of printer connection, WR sends data for printing.
In case of PC connection, WR sends data to be stored.

“Emergency scale” function: In case of damage to a transmitter it is possible to connect the load cells directly to the WR.

WRMDB SYSTEM IS SUITABLE FOR APPROVED PLANT for concrete mixer trucks load and sale of concrete to third parties.

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