Laumas WRBIL

The WRBIL system has been designed to solve weighing problems of batching systems up to 3 scales on the same production line.

The system can control up to 3 scales simultaneously with management of 22 to 31 diff erent products, plus 6 products for manual additions.

The WRBIL 26/50/1+1SCA and 22/50/2+1SCA can also control an unloading scale.

The system allows the connection to PC with Supervisory Software PROGWRBIL (optional) to store every batching and trace the raw material used.


  • Constants Menu: product name; maximum weight; minimum weight; automatic or manual fall; slow value; tapping phase; tolerance value; association between product and desired relay; pause time and safe emptying time for each scale; consumption and stock for each product; production for formula.
  • Constants Menu protected by password: idioma setting; setting the times for alarms “no entry product” and “no unload product”; association between product and scale; emergency scale.
  • Formulas Menu: up to 50 formulas, can be stored in the permanent memory. Programming can be carried out according to the sequence desired. The following steps can also be programmed: waiting time before passing to next batching; partial or total unload of the dosed quantity before finishing the formula batching; free relay opening and closing; products for manual additions.
  • Batching Menu: keyboard automatic batching as well as desired cycle setup and the formula’s percentage; batching start by external contact of the last formula for one cycle only.
  • Total Menu: each product consumption, each product stock calculation, executed cycles memorization and dosed Kg per each formula.
  • It is possible to select two diff erent operating modes:
    1. the second batching cycle can be started even if the other scales are at first batching cycle(max 1 cycle of displacement).
    2. the second batching cycle can be started only if the other scales have finished the first batching cycle.
  • “Emergency scale” function: in case of damage to a transmitter it is possible to connect the load cells directly to the WR.
  • Unloading scale: if the weight is lower than minimum weight, the ‘automatic load’ contact will be closed and it will be open again when the weight is equal or higher than maximum weight, allowing the automatic loading.
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