Laumas WR

Option “Reading real stock”:
Calculation of consumption and stock for each product. By weighing the silos by means weight transmitters and load cells, it is possible transmit to WR the real quantity (stock) present into the silos.


WR systems are composed of:
Weight indicator in DIN box (96 x 192 x 150 mm, drilling template 92 x 186 mm) for panel mounting. 18-key polycarbonate keyboard. One 6-digit numeric display (14 mm high), 7 segment LED. One semialphanumeric LCD display with two lines x 16-digit (5mm high). IP54 front panel protection. Real time clock.

– For more than 4 products:
One or two 8-output relay modules (dimensions 93 x 126 x h 60 mm). Power supply 24 Vdc 8 W, contacts 115 Vac 0.5 A. Suitable for mounting on Omega-DIN rail, max 100 meters far.


WR is equipped with two serial ports (COM1=RS232; COM2=RS232 or RS422/485) for connection to:
– PC/PLC (COM2) connection by the following Communication Protocols:
Laumas or ModBus RTU or Profi bus DP (RS422/485). Protocol allows the weight reading, formulas programming and reading, start and stop batching, batched net weights acquisition, totals reading, stock reading.
– Printer and/or RD data recorder (COM1).
– Remote display (COM1/2).
– RIP/DOS-MAN remote display for assisted manual batching, (COM1/2).

WR 8+4/50/1 LITRE-COUNTER (pulses max 20 Hz):
WR controls 8 products plus 4 litre-counter in succession.

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