Laumas WL60

PASSWORD to protect the access to selected functions.

THEORETICAL CALIBRATION is performed via the keyboard.


CHECKING THE LOAD CELLS CONNECTION with safety function (drop-out relays).

LAUMAS WL60 Series

Weight indicator in DIN box for panel mounting. Dimensions: 72 x 144 x 170 mm (depth of embedding including serial cable wiring and terminal boards). Drilling template 67 x 139 mm. Eight-digit semialphanumeric display (14 mm high), 7 segment LED. 16-key membrane keyboard. IP54 front panel protection. Real time clock.

Mod. WL60 6 PRODUCTS includes a 8-output relay module (80 x 160 x h 60 mm) 115 Vac 2A.

Mod. WL60 14 PRODUCTS includes two 8-output relay modules (80 x 160 x h 60 mm, 80 x 120 x h 60 mm) 115Vac 2A.

Mod. WL60 19 – 27 PRODUCTS includes two or three 8-output relay modules (93 x 126 x h 60 mm).

Power supply 24Vdc 8W, contacts 115 Vac 0.5A.

Two Serial Outputs for connection to:
– PC/PLC by Laumas Protocol and ModBus RTU Protocol (RS232 or RS422/485) or Profi bus DP (RS422-485).
– Remote display (RS232 or RS422).
– Printer and/or RD data recorder (RS232).

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