Laumas TLB4


  • Weight transmitter with 4 independent reading channels with display of the total weight.
  • The TLB4 series allows to have same benefits and performance of an advanced digital weighing system even using analog load cells.
  • Back panel mounting on Omega/DIN rail (space-saving vertical shape).
  • Front panel mounting (except PROFIBUS DP version) with fixing kit included (panel drilling template: 96×23 mm; panel thickness: 2.5 mm).
  • Dimensions: 115x26x120 mm.
  • 6-digit semi-alphanumeric red LED display (8 mm height).
  • 6 signalling LED.
  • Four buttons for the system calibration.
  • Extractable screw terminal blocks.
  • The instrument can be configured and managed using the free “Instrument Manager” PC software.
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