Laumas Universal Digitizer LCB

LAUMAS Universal Load Cell Digitizer

  • LCB transforms an analog load cell (mV/V output) into a digital one; it can also be used on existing load cells to digitize the weighing system.
  • Conceived for IoT applications (Internet of Things).
  • PC configuration software via micro USB port.
  • Status LED of the communication interface.
  • Mounting: wired or integral to the load cell body via standard ¼ GAS fitting (specific adapters for different threads are supplied on request).
  • 2x M4 fixing holes for wall mounting via anchor plate (not included in the supply).
  • IP67 AISI316 stainless steel box (dimensions: 97x38x82 mm including flying connectors).
  • 3x IP67 M12 flying connectors included in the supply.
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