Belt Scale Controller
  • Backlighted 5.2″ TOUCH SCREEN LCD display
  • IP65 front panel protection rating
  • Power supply and consumption 24 Vdc 10w
  • RISC 32 bit – 44 Mhz CPU – Micro controller
  • Logic input | output; 12/24 Vdc PNP | max 30Vdc – 60 mA
  • Analog input | output; 24 bit (V e mA) | 16 bit (V e mA)
  • RS232 / RS485 / USB Device, Ethernet
Optional Available
  • Profibus-DP Protocol
  • Profinet-IO Port
  • USB Host for Pen Drive
  • Additional analogue input and output
  • Ethernet interface
  • 4IN/8OUT Additional Module
  • 24 Column printer
  • Big Display Repeater

COBRA365, Flow Rate Controller for Continuous Weighing

Main feature
  • Maintaining the flow set point by adjusting IP analog output, with an alarm output of flow out of tolerance
  • Continuous transmission of the instantaneous flow rate, detected by analog output proportional to it
  • Ability to set, for batching, the values of presets, sets and fly with pulse outputs to the achievement of values
  • Possibility of setting of the SET POINT via analog input; optional extra analog output in addition to the standard output
  • Save points for the working curve of the doser when used in combination with with non-linear extractors (eg electromagnetic extractor)
  • Calculation of the weight total and transmission by impulse output; output can be delivered in a 24 column printer via RS232 port
  • Programming of up to 15 different set points of work, settable by BCD inputs
  • Able to freeze the analog output value, by means of logic input, in order to avoid the initial pendulation of system (which runs all 15 set point)
  • Ability to display, during operation, I/O status, the current weight, current speed, the pulse encoder and the correction factor set
  • Procedures for the zero setting on working loaded belt and automatic adjustment factor correction
  • Can be connected with PC / PLC using comunication protocols ASCII, Modbus-RTU, Profibus and Profinet IO (optional)
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