Tank Weighing System

Weighing System for Material Management of Storage Tank/Hopper/Silos

Tank owners who have limited staff or personnel that lack the necessary training to manage their Above-Ground or Underground Storage are considerably have issues with their control and monitoring of the material. Tank weighing system helps to control, monitoring an oversight of above-ground and underground tanks that are used for the storage of fuels, oils, and chemicals. Easy to monitored from PC, Smartphones, Tablets, etc which makes our tank weighing system more efficient for Industrial needs and able to improve the productivity with realtime monitoring and control. The goals of this application are to minimize losses due to lack of control and supervision. Panatronik as a Laumas Authorized Distributor in Indonesia provide monthly visual inspections, annual preventative maintenance, testing and calibration, emergency on-call, non-emergency on-call, and replacement parts of a tank weighing system.

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