We provide the right scales to customers at the best prices. We make sure you get the right product. Panatronik is dedicated to offering our customers the highest quality scales, loadcells, indicators and accessories.

Our range includes:

  • Industrial Scales
    Floor Scales, Bench Scales, Postal and Shipping Scales, Hand Pallet Scales and Drum Scales
  • Vehicle Scales
    Pitless Truck Scales, Pit Assembly Truck Scales,  Portable Axle Weighing, and Weighing Pads
  • Integrated Scales
    Belt Scale Systems and Batching Systems
  • Table top scales
    Analytical Balances, Precision Balances and Counting Scales
  • Agricultural Scales
    Livestocks Scales
  • Accessories
    We sell a wide range of accessories including cables, printers, pit frames, bumper guards, junction boxes, ramps and system control for truck scales

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