Sneak peek at the First Fabrication Laboratory Facility in Indonesia


Jababeka officially opened a Fabrication Laboratory (Fablab) in the Medical Science Center area, Kota Jababeka Cikarang.

Jababeka Fablab is the result of collaboration between a subsidiary of PT Jababeka Tbk, namely PT Jababeka Infrastruktur with President University, and the first Fablab credit in Indonesia which is located in an industrial area.

“We present this Jababeka Fablab as a facilitator and forum to pour out all the innovations from all levels of society, from students, technicians, workers, communities, startup companies, thus enabling them to learn and implement Industry 4.0,” said Board of Director of PTJababeka Tbk Tjahjadi Rahardja in a statement. written in Jakarta, Monday (1/3/2021).

Jababeka Fablab will focus more on competency development and development of invoice prototypes for industrial tenants. Tjahjadi explained that the Jababeka Fablab carries five main pillars, namely showcase, capability, ecosystem, delivery and innovation, where these five pillars are in line with the goals of PIDI 4.0 (Center for Digital Industry 4.0 Innovation).

PIDI 4.0 is a government program in developing innovation and human resources for the realization of Indonesia 4.0.

In addition, through the Jababeka Fablab, it can improve individual capabilities through group discussion forums (FGD), workshops, training and seminars that will be held by the Jababeka Fablab. The Jababeka Fablab is also said to be the first fablab to have the support of a mature ecosystem that is ready to welcome the Industry 4.0 era.

This ecosystem is formed from the participation and collaboration of a number of stakeholders in the Jababeka area such as educational institutions, communities, Living Labs, investors, Accelerators, companies, media and government. It is hoped that the support of this ecosystem can accelerate the conventional industry towards Industry 4.0 and bring together Industry 4.0 solution providers with other companies that need this solution.

FABlab INDONESIAJababeka Fablab presents a number of modern industrial facilities and equipment that can be used by the participants. Starting from software for design, metal cutting machines, grinders, Arduino, drills to 3D printers, 3D scanners, 3in1 Snapmaker, Armrobotic and Cnc Plasma.

All these facilities are open to the public such as students, academics, communities, start-ups, practitioners and industry by registering through the Jababeka Facebook website.

“We are open to anyone who wants to develop themselves or their products by joining the Jababeka Fablab, because this is the place to learn, collaborate and implement Industry 4.0 technology,” explained Tjahjadi.

This is in line with the Jababeka Fablab jargon, namely Create – Innovate – Collaborate. With the presence of the Jababeka Fablab, Jababeka is prepared to welcome the transformation of Industry 4.0 in Indonesia with pentahelix collaboration between the government, private sector, academics and the community.



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