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Many companies are adapting by digitizing their services to stay relevant to consumer behavior, for example, the Jababeka Industrial Estate, which is currently digitizing services to make it easier for their tenants and prospective tenants. Striking changes can be seen from those who live a social life that relies on digital technology.

This is due to the application of the physical distancing policy and also their work life after implementing physical distancing causing work from home to be enforced. Currently, almost all activities are carried out online using the internet network.

Therefore, in order to adapt to these conditions, the Jababeka Industrial Estate also digitizes its services, namely J-FAST (Jababeka Focus to accelerate services tenant) through a website and adequate telecommunication infrastructure. JFAST itself is a one-stop integrated service for Jababeka Infrastruktur for investors who start companies.

General Manager of Jababeka Industrial Estate, Rudy Subrata, explained that the reliability of telecommunication infrastructure and service excellence cannot be negotiated anymore in this era that has entered the digital era. Because if it’s not like that, tenants can leave it.

“The problem is digital era and all (activities) are completely online now. However, without adequate infrastructure, it will not run smoothly either. Plus the need for tenant relations in the form of excellent service, so that tenants can be comfortable,” he explained in a written statement in Jakarta, Saturday (6/3/2021).

“I myself am satisfied to see our digital services now because the Jababeka Industrial Estate has been pulleyed by the reliability of infrastructure and excellent service,” added Rudy.

Head of Tenant Relations of PT Jababeka Infrastruktur, Vega Violetta, emphasized that the licensing services provided by J-FAST, whether it is environmental licensing, establishing a business, proper function, building approval (PBG), and extension of building use rights are all digital which can be accessed via https://jfast.co.id

With a more dynamic, simple and elegant website appearance, tenants or prospective tenants can consult their needs or can call those needs to J-FAST through J-FAST’s customer service, then they will provide consultations and provide offers. If you have reached an agreement, J-FAST will take care of all data collection and licensing until it’s finished.

“Our strength (compared to others) is that our experience as an industrial area has been more than 31 years, so we already have higher credibility and trustability. Then also the human resources (human resources), which we have in-house HR who specifically takes care of administration or documents and permits so that the process is fast, as well as the facilities that we provide, such as laboratory facilities, so that their accuracy and speed can be a guarantee of our services, “explained Vega.

In addition, the construction of buildings in the Jababeka Industrial Estate can be directly constructed, because there is already a special spatial plan for industrial areas, so obtaining a Building Approval (PGB) can be done while building a building or factory.

“We guarantee our assistance will be faster (from other industrial areas). The price is also very competitive because the purpose of services is not to be burdensome but to compliment tenants,” explained Vega.

In terms of telecommunications infrastructure, Director of PT Infrastruktur Cakrawala Telekomunikasi (ICTel) Muhammad Ayub Arwin added that the Jababeka Industrial Estate will provide premium services in the form of providing smart infrastructure and smart living.

For smart infrastructure, Jababeka Infrastruktur – which is a subsidiary of the Jababeka Group – provides optical fiber, CCTV, lights at almost all points on an area of ​​?? 5600 hectares. So that if there is a factory that wants to be built, the telecommunications network and its security can be guaranteed. Because optical fiber has been installed to provide quality internet availability and CCTV which allows the security team to monitor.

“How high is the internet quality? We use optical fiber so that during the rainy season, which often disturbs the network, we stay on. We also have 12 providers, which can easily switch providers, “said Ayub.

“When compared to other industrial areas, the choice may be 1-2 providers, and replacing them is difficult. In the Jababeka Industrial Estate, we provide a 99 percent guarantee, tenants can make it easier for provider A to B instantly and we handle it immediately. So it is less likely to break up because we control it ourselves. So, it just needs to be adjusted to the tenant’s needs, both cost and internet needs, “he added.

Meanwhile, for smart living, he added, the lights on the streets can now be controlled. Then the Jababeka Industrial Estate also has an application called J-Smart. With this application, it is easier for tenants and the local community to file complaints, get services and communicate directly between tenants and managers or other parties.

Rudy himself considers that the telecommunications infrastructure and excellent services in the Jababeka Industrial Estate are compact and synergized well. He also hopes that the digitalization of this service can provide satisfaction to tenants or prospective tenants later. Because the end of implementing service digitization is to give satisfaction. When existing customers are satisfied, they will definitely promote to others.

“Incidentally in the future we also want to issue new clusters, starting with the Espace Block and the Smart Manufacture Hub, the halal industrial area, bio tech, high tech, which is so launched, we hope that foreign investors will invest,” concluded Rudy.

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