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Truck weight scales are an important part of daily operations for businesses in many different industries. Accurately weighing vehicles and their contents is essential for many tasks including weighing inventory, ensuring vehicle safety, evaluating business efficiency, and making commercial transactions.

“Certified” industrial truck scales are scales which comply with the regulations set out by Local-Authorized Legal Metrology. These rules are designed to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the scales that are used in commercial applications which can be used by a business that sells items based on weight.

If you have an inquiry to make regarding certified truck scales, contact Panatronik on (021) 2947-7414 or via email at You can also read on to learn more about the importance of using certified truck scales.

The Importance of Using Certified Truck Scales

Being able to accurately weigh vehicles is important for a number of reasons, including:

  • Authenticated commercial transactions
    Certified scales are essential for businesses that sell based on weight. Truck scales are particularly useful as they can be used to measure pallets, cargo, and fully loaded vehicles. By accurately measuring your product’s weight you can ensure the transaction is honest, that your contractual obligations have been met, and that consumer confidence is maintained.
  • Avoiding accidental oversupply
    Accurate measurement means you avoid accidentally giving the customer more than they paid for — which may be costing your business so high each year.
  • Faster weighing of goods
    You can accurately weigh an entire truckload of cargo in less than a minute using a certified truck scale. This speeds up the weighing process, leading to productivity improvements for your business.
  • Safety
    Businesses need to ensure that vehicles are not overloaded and have their weight correctly distributed throughout the vehicle. Having access to certified truck scales make this task simple.

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